Australian vermouth – the perfect summer drink

Forget the dusty old bottles of Cinzano – new Australian flavoured, fortified wines are complex and delicious. Have them straight over ice, in a negroni, with ginger beer or in a martini...

If you are beginning your vermouth journey, this is an easy first step as it tastes a lot like dry wine with an unmistakeable herbal influence. Serve chilled over ice with a slice of orange and tonic for a simple mid-afternoon drink.

Causes & Cures semi-sweet red vermouth is made by Steve Flamsteed in the Yarra valley, with a base of sangiovese. Like the white it has a strong alliance with wine and, despite its higher level of sugar, has a terrific bitter element. This would be great in an Aussie negroni with equal parts (15ml) Melbourne Gin Company gin, Causes & Cures red vermouth and Campari served over ice.